Some Parties Are a Riot. Make Yours a Racket.

Host an event in the Bay Area or give us an excuse to take our show on the road.

The Racket is a Noir-inspired party game for 15 to 200 people that is serious, sophisticated fun. Add an element of intrigue to your event. Take the suspense out of planning it.

The Perfect Setup

We come equipped with everything you’ll need to throw a killer party, including pre-event emails for guests, an online costume look book and film archive, a custom playlist, and a few suitcases stuffed with cash.

Flawless Execution

We know every joint in town and each potential hitch in the event plan. Come party time, our team will set up shop, run the show, then disappear without a trace while you relax and share in the fun with your friends and colleagues.

How It Works


an event by choosing a time, place, and estimated player count.


using our planning resources and special packages.


us with any changes and confirm details the day before.


the party and the compliments you’ll get afterwards.

A Solution to Any Scenario

Our custom offering can be tailored to any occassion. We host parties for 15-200 people in private venues, homes, and offices. Our timelines are adjustable to accommodate meals or presentations, and we’ll travel by land, air or sea.

Eagle Eyes for Details

Our little black book includes an optional Photographer and Costume Trunk as well as prize, prop, and decoration ideas that can be delivered straight to your door.

We specialize in corporate team-building, networking events, charity functions and birthdays.

The Payoff

Hero or Villain, a Leading Role for Every Player

With a new profession and an array of profitable opportunities, each guest devises their own strategies, picks their own accomplices and grabs their own piece of the action.

A New Perspective on Your Party Guests

As guests decide who they can work with and who they can trust, they’ll forge new friendships and get to know familiar faces from a different angle.

Memories That Are Sure to Be Classic

With everyone acting as a free agent, the storyline quickly splits into more threads than any one player can keep straight, and guests will be busy unraveling plots, connecting dots, and rehashing events for days to come.

“This was a great event for a corporate group that included folks who’ve worked together for years as well as complete strangers. Our team of 18 had a blast, and everyone was interacting with each other from VPs to Analysts. It was actually hard to get people to leave when we were done.” Frances W.

Frequently Asked Questions