The Order of Byzantium

An obscure Order in the middle of manufactured chaos.


Create a uniform experience for a highly fluctuating number of audience members.


A self-directed activity in which the instructions are part of the experience.

Journey to The End of the Night is an urban street game played annually in cities all over the world. Runners playing Journey race to be the first player to reach 6 checkpoints spread throughout the city before heading to the finish line, all while being pursued by Chasers, whose goal is to tag the Runners in order to turn them into Chasers as well. Private transportation is prohibited, and special rules surround the use of public transit.

The inspiration for San Francisco's Journey 2014 was the movie Brazil, which governed the theme of all 6 checkpoints. Operating out of the chapel of a former convent, we created The Order of Byzantium, an obscure religious sect devoted to the worship of bureaucracy. Runners arriving there were asked to confess their sins via form and receive absolution by reciting a variety of prayers that had been modified to reflect the Order’s commitment to organizational and administrative efficiency.

Nearly 1000 participants visited The Order of Byzantium over the course of 4 hours—most within the first hour of the game.


Project Lead, Creative Lead, Casting Director, Graphic Design, Content, Performance


Immersive Theater, Alternate Reality Game, Site-Specific, Satire, Experiential Art