The Department of Decontamination

A transportive installation at a post-nuclear-apocalyptic society party.


Construct a central pillar of narrative architecture to support a storyline experienced in a sandbox environment by 350 people.


An infinitely repeatable public spectacle that casts individual audience members as the stars of the (horror)show.

What are you willing to exchange for the undivided attention of others? Your time? Your agency? Your dignity? At an all-night immersive event on Valentines Day, we dialed our Geiger counters in on the experience of becoming an object of obsession.

In the brave new subterranean world that emerged following the explosive conclusion of an alternate Cold War history, The Department of Decontamination exists to ensure the health and safety of the body politic. At a state-sponsored ceremony celebrating the regime's glorious return to the once-again inhabitable surface, DoD was tasked with neutralizing unstable elements.

An 8-person Containment Unit maintained a constant, mobile presence on the main floor. Those found to possess radiation levels in excess of state-prescribed safety standards were promptly Contained and transported to the Isolation Tent, where they were photographed, interviewed, tested via several scientific procedures, decontaminated, and ejected back into the event. Throughout the process, guests and DoD members filled out a variety of administrative and medical forms related to the Containment process. Guests were advised to keep these documents as proof of Decontamination.


Project Lead, Creative Lead, Graphic Designer, Casting Director, Stage Manager


Performance Art, Immersive Theater, Alternate Reality, Satire, Experiential Art