Party Crashing

A literal interpretation taken to a logical and logistical extreme.


Create a story worth telling for 100+ people simultaneously.


An improbable spectacle full of opportunities for clever wordplay.

Every year, a weekend festival for 1000 people takes place at the bend of a river in Northern California. A music stage on the beach plays throughout the day, and guests of the festival bring dozens of large pool toys, flotation devices, and other watercrafts. In 2017, a group of roughly 15 travelers, including two uniformed cabin crew, arrived at the festival via emergency escape slide from a Boeing 737.

Upon docking the slide, the flight crew on board opened a rolling suitcase containing a full cocktail service. Menus were provided on laminated safety cards that had been modified for the event, and emergency life vests were distributed to a number of festival participants as the crash survivors slowly integrated into the event.


Project Lead, Creative Lead, Content, Graphic Design, Casting Director, Performance


Performance Art, Immersive Theater, Site-Specific, Satire, Surrealist Art, Experiential Art, Pranks