Alternative #Tigerstyle

A childish prank at a traditional nightclub event.


Widen the possibility space for social interactions within a well-established cultural context.


Radically expand the Overton window by deploying iconic characters in a situational taboo.

Fun fact: It is illegal to be a child in a nightclub.

Alternative #TigerStyle was an interactive performance piece that brought some of the world's most lovable characters to the most unlikely of places. At a club event known for taking pride in nailing party basics, Bill Watterson's Calvin and one of his duplicates arrived in style with a red wagon, a cardboard box, and 50 tiger masks. Together, the duo gave time machine tours, had philosophical conversations with guests as they wheeled around the dance floor, and transmogrified a not insignificant number of the participants into tigers.


Project Lead, Creative Lead, Production, Casting Director, Performer


Performance Art, Participatory Theater, Satire, Experiential Art