The Only Thing More Fun Than a Game of Cat and Mouse Is a Rat Race.

At The Racket, each guest receives a profession they might find in a Hitchcock film, then races to be the player with the most money at the end of 75 minutes.

Assume Your Identity

Every profession includes two Expertise providing profitable incentives to get to know the other guests. Will it be The Bounty Hunter? The Diplomat? The Thief? Anyone is possible.

Wheel and Deal

Starting with cash in hand, players will quickly acquire valuable assets. Everything is up for sale, and the name of the game is figuring out who has what, who wants what, and how much it’s worth to them.

Exploit Opportunities

Along with cornering the black market, players can attempt more challenging capers. They might start a mafia, win an election, rob a bank, or discover a few of the party’s best-kept secrets.

Watch Your Back

One particularly valuable asset is a Weapon, a small black clothespin sold by a few shadier characters. Players who get clipped will cool their heels at The Morgue for a few minutes and forfeit some cash before getting right back in on the action.

Make a Killing

At the end of the party, players turn out their pockets, count their cash, and report their totals to the Host. The winners get the glory, and afterwords everyone gets a chance to trade stories about their own shot at the big leagues.

Sample Timeline

We host parties any time, day or night, and are happy to work with you to create a seamless schedule for your event.


Players check in with a Host to receive their materials, read the rules, and get comfortable.


The Host explains the rules, sets the tone, and starts the game.


Players have 75 minutes to earn as much money as possible.


Players count their money and report their totals to the Host.


The Host announces the top three players, their totals, and their Identities.

Our events last for about two hours and can take place over cocktails, appetizers, or a standing meal.

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